Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Status Quo Set by Use of Fetus Death Law

Last month, David Lee Miller's conviction in Baltimore County Circuit Court of killing his pregnant girlfriend set a status quo for use of a law passed in 2005 protecting the rights of the unborn.

Both pro-choice and pro-life advocates alike supported the bill when it was passed, specifically because it is applicable only to criminal cases (and not those involving abortions). It does not apply to abortion cases because it does not recognize the unborn fetus as a "person"; this was critical to Planned Parenthood of Maryland’s support of the bill three years ago.

Under the statute, a “person who intended to cause the death of a viable fetus" can be prosecuted in a murder case. Maryland joins 34 other states which recognize unborn children as victims in murder cases (according to the National Right to Life Committee).

Source: The Daily Record

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