Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Speed Camera Bill likely to Pass in MD; Details emerge on ticket revenue flows

Just as a new speed camera bill is expected to pass the Maryland House (after passing the Senate), details emerge that Texas-based Affiliated Computer System, Inc., is receiving almost 40% of every citation issued by their speed cameras, or $16.25 of every $40 ticket.

A press release of ACS relates that "Under the contract [with Montgomery County], ACS processes violations; generates and mails notices; schedules adjudication and appeals appointments; provides document imaging and correspondence management; provides walk-in customer service; maintains camera equipment; and provides pay-by-web, pay-by-phone, and integrated voice response systems".

Though these services are extensive, such high fees, almost half of which are flowing out of the State of Maryland, raises questions about the usefulness of this method of enforcement. 

Source: The Sentinel

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